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NuProbe Technology Enables Accurate Quantitation of Mutations Below 0.01% VAF using Low-Depth Sequencing

October 21, 2021
By integrating molecular barcoding technology with the Blocker Displacement Amplification (BDA) allele enrichment, the team invented the new quantitative BDA (QBDA)…
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C2i Genomics Expands AI-Powered Cancer Detection and Monitoring Capabilities in US and China Through Partnership with NuProbe

October 13, 2021
The deal will combine C2i's AI-driven cancer intelligence platform with NuProbe's advanced sequencing technology to power pharma and diagnostic services.
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NuProbe technology Enables Rapid Ultrasensitive Mutation Detection on Nanopore Platforms

September 7, 2021
OCEANS enables rapid, accurate, and affordable detection of somatic mutations as low as 0.05% VAF. This novel research will facilitate…
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NuProbe Global and Bionano to Co-Develop Products in Reproductive Health and Oncology Testing

September 1, 2021
NuProbe will integrate QASeq and BDA technologies with Bionano's Saphyr system for research and product development in the fields of…
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NuProbe Announces New Research and New Product on DNA Microsatellite Instability

July 26, 2021
NuProbe published research on DNA microsatellites in Nucleic Acids Research and released VarTrace® MSI qPCR research use only assay.
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NuProbe and Microsoft Researchers Invent a Deep Learning Model for Predicting NGS Sequencing Depth

July 19, 2021
The findings, published in Nature Communications, are the latest research leveraging machine learning to improving the efficiency and accuracy of…
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NuProbe Technology Enables Low-Frequency DNA Variant Detection using Low-depth Sequencing

May 3, 2021
Research published in Nature Biomedical Engineering demonstrates NuProbe's technology can enable detecting SNVs in DNA with a VAF of ≤0.02%…
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NuProbe Launches Liquid Biopsy Pan-Cancer NGS Panel

February 22, 2021
The VarMap Pan-Cancer NGS Panel uses the quantitative blocker displacement amplification technology to enrich, detect, and quantitate over 6500 mutations…
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NuProbe Closes $42M Fundraising

January 11, 2021
The lead investors for this financing round are BioTrack Capital and Yonghua Capital. The proceeds will be used to expand…
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NuProbe to Offer Augury™ Custom Liquid Biopsy NGS Panels

November 16, 2020
NuProbe launches the Augury™ platform for automated design of customized liquid biopsy NGS panels. Based on proprietary sequence-design algorithms, Augury™…