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    Panel type: All exonsHotspot
    Sample type: Tissue/cellCell-free DNA
    MSI: YesNo


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    Heat map

    • Homology: the number of 60 nt fragments with homologous sequence in human genome (>95% bases matched)
      Hotspots: the number of mutations with more than 1.0% total cases for the gene according to COSMIC database
      COSMIC frequency: the number of cases for the most popular mutation in this exon according to COSMIC database

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    Expected panel performance: Detects 0.2% VAF for mutations and indels, 1.94/2.06 ploidy for CNVs. Requires only 10ng input DNA. Full technical support from dedicated R&D scientists.

    • Panel type: All exons

    • Sample type: Tissue/cell

    • MSI: Yes

    • Number of genes in panel (max:30): 0
    • Estimated turnaround time: 3 months
    • Genes names:

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